We at From The Mountain, along with the woman spinners of Fayzabad, Afghanistan, are proud to offer our...

Fayzabad Twist 100% Cashmere Handspun Yarn!

Fayzabad Twist is a soft handspun yarn that comes in 4 beautiful natural, undyed colors: natural white, gray, light brown, and dark brown

We are currently offering the cashmere in worsted weight (100g 150m +/-) and DK weight (100g 185m +/-).

Spinning provides an important source of income for women in Afghanistan, many of whom have been left as heads of household by over a decade of war. 

The cashmere industry – and especially higher-quality knitting-grade yarn – brings economic development to a country that desperately needs alternatives to an opium economy.

The natural, undyed colors support the natural genetic diversity of cashmere goat herds which have not yet been bred to white, as well as being a more environmentally friendly alternative to dyed yarn.

We are very excited to be bringing you this wonderful cashmere at an accessible price.  We are happy to provide samples, color cards, and pricing upon request.

We hope that you will join us in supporting Afghan women and their families, and bringing this lovely yarn to your customers!

All the best,

Margaret Krome-Lukens and Susan Inglis
From The Mountain Sources, LLC
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